Technology Ventures enabled by IoT

Bright Technology Ventures


Bright Technology Ventures B.V., founded in 2018, brings together a team of seasoned professionals whose integrity, experience, and commitment to excellence have cemented our reputation as a reliable technology partner.

Bright Technology Ventures


The hardware, our ventures work with, has been in development for multiple years. This has ensured that we have extremely innovative products. In addition, we also continue developing in order to keep up with customer demand and emerging markets.

Bright Technology Ventures


At Bright Technology Ventures B.V., we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we offer to our partners and clients. Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to provide timely and efficient solutions, responding to inquiries with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. 

Our Ventures

Bright Technology Ventures offers IoT solutions with its participations in 4 different market segments; Logistics, Mobility, Machinery and Energy. Because each participation has specialists for that specific segment, we can optimally serve our customers with recent and relevant information industry knowledge. This allows us to offer the right product or advice.

Connected Load Carrier

Connected Load Carrier B.V. is a joint venture between Dutch
IoT Solutions B.V. and the Faber Halbertsma Group B.V. We are
the IoT partner in the logistics world of non-powered assets. FHG’s years of experience in this industry, combined with the IoT experience of Dutch IoT Solutions, guarantees a successful approach to logistical challenges!

Dutch IoT Solutions

At Dutch IoT Solutions B.V. we aim to be your preferred IoT partner! We help with advice on the strategic impact of IoT on existing but perhaps also new business processes. We take care of the entire development and production of hardware, firmware, software, communication, data handling and reporting. From drawing board to finished product!

We like to use our own expertise, but also that in our extensive network.


With the MobioT tracker, tracing valuable vehicles becomes more efficient. With this module we offer the possibility of recovering stolen possessions. MobioT’s total IoT solution consists of; an IoT tracking sensor, an online environment and API link (on request).


The IoT partner that connects your machinery! We make “Smart Machines” by delivering innovative IoT solutions. This ensures that the full potential of a machine or fleet is achieved.

Voltiot IoT

The IoT Provider

Specializing in IoT consulting and IoT sim cards, the primary aim is to facilitate businesses in advancing their machine-to-machine connectivity using IoT Sim cards.

The commitment is to offer the most relevant solutions tailored to unique IoT needs, assuring efficient communication across devices.